Pylon Signs

Each business knows the value of great visibility, and what better way to get noticed by potential customers than with a good pylon sign right outside your doorstep?

Our custom Pylon Signs will help you be seen from miles around.

At Redearth Creations, we know the importance of investing in visibility.

We can produce high-quality pylon signs tailored to suit your business identity and your budget. Our pylon signs are not just to attract attention but can also be used to direct traffic to your business and make a statement on the street.

Pylon signs are often used as tenant signs, indicating all of the businesses located within a shopping centre or complex.

RedEarth Creations can deliver high quality & beautifully looking pylon signs that fulfil their purposes by instantly and clearly introducing your brand
to passersby and motorists, increasing foot traffic to your store.

Redearth Creations is out to take your brand visibility to a whole new level. We can help you get 24/7 exposure with
illuminated road sign boxes which we can customize to your preferred shape and size.

You can also choose from interchangeable sign faces or the more permanent channel letters.

Because illuminated pylon signs are highly customizable, RedEarth Creations can create a pylon that meets your exact needs.

For extra visibility during the night, you can even get multi-layered signs with LED or neon lighting or LED Screens.

Our team have the talent and meticulous craftsmanship to deliver you the perfect sign.

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