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Whether a sign or a design, custom neon signs will help your business stand out, day or night

Our custom Neon signs will help your business make a statement.

Neon signs promote visibility with bright coloured statements and designs that are hard to miss, grabbing the attention of passersby and customers. Neon signs also make a great background for customers to take pictures with to use on social media and share amongst their friends

Whether a sign or a design, custom neon signs will help your business stand out, day or night.

RedEarth Creations have a wide range of neon colours to choose from or we can custom make your neon sign using RGB neon’s that can be controlled from your mobile phone or a remote. With a controller, the sign can be made to flash, strobe or rotate making them stand out even more.

Regardless of your industry, Neon Signs are a Smart Solution for many industries,  they are efficient to run, add ambience and are a point of interest. They are highly visible at night or in bright sunlight, from far distances or close-by, and indoors or outdoors, meaning visibility and increased sales.

Visibility is essential to any business and neon signs are a great solution.

Ice Cream Parlors
Restaurants & Cafés
Movie Theaters

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