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Are you in search for a way to stand out from your competition? Customized lighted signs is the solution you are looking for.

Our custom Illuminated signs help to make your brand pop.

Today you can take advantage of assorted styles, shapes, and types of illuminated signs. Many signage types can be used throughout your business, and just about every company can really benefit from some form of backlit or lighted signs.

At Red Earth Creations, we specialize in creating storefront customized illuminated signs, exceptional reception signage, along with various other lit-up signs to fit all of your business needs all within your budget.

The appeal that was exclusive to neon is now easy to achieve with LED’s that are highly efficient and eco-friendly. These LED signs can achieve that retro vibe, to make your hip company reach your target audience.

The LED lighting provides several types of signage applications that extend beyond just the classical appeal of neon. The cabinet signs and the channel letter signs work well with backlighting. This form of lighted signs ensures your business is always visible throughout the day and night, making these the perfect choice.

Our LED signs are custom-made so that they meet up to your exact specifications, and are available in an extensive range of animation, styles and a host of different colour options.

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